[Video] Taking Control Of Your Own Health With Home Remedies

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This video reveals how you can take control of your own health with home remedies, including 24 ailments and illnesses you can treat at home.

Some people may think of home remedies as akin to old wives’ tales – a relic of times past, with no relevance in today’s world of modern medicine. But in fact, many home remedies are not only a lot safer than prescription drugs, but just as effective. You may choose to create your own medicines for other reasons as well – such as their affordability, or the fact that you know what’s in them and that they aren’t full of manufactured chemicals.

For me, the number one reason to choose home remedies is one that Marjorie from The Grow Network discusses in the video below: It gives YOU control over your own health and well-being.

Watch the video below to learn about herbalist Marjorie’s favorite home remedy, 24 injuries and ailments you can treat, yourself, at home, plus 7 simple steps to creating your own. She also discusses the fundamental difference between home and hospital treatments, what home remedies are (and what they’re not!), and why treating illness at home can be such a fulfilling and rewarding experience for the whole family.

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