What Are the Benefits of Biodynamic Farming?

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If you haven’t heard of biodynamic farming, it’s a great way to grow food more sustainably and holistically. This article describes some of the features and benefits of this unique method of food production.

Biodynamic farming is a branch of organic agriculture. But it goes much further than that. The biodynamic method seeks to support and preserve the complex interrelationships between soils, plants, and animals in a natural and holistic manner.

Rudolf Steiner is credited with developing this method of farming, in response to the issues of soil, crop, and livestock health. This unique approach to food production takes environmental and ethical considerations into account when determining how to grow our food.

Here are some of the key features of biodynamic farming:

The aim of biodynamic farming is to restore, maintain, and enhance the harmony within the ecology that surrounds us. The emphasis is on healing the soil and helping to replenish balance while creating produce that is healthy and nourishing…. Not only that, the methods of farming should help preserve the wildlife, natural habitats and other plant biodiversity in the region.

Crop diversification is one of the key features of this type of farming. This requires the farmer to grow diverse or different crops in the region rather than concentrating on just one crop which could lead to depletion of soil nutrients….

Biodynamic farming eschews chemical soil treatments and off-farm inputs as far as possible. The idea is to use green manure, biodynamic preparations and practices such as livestock integration. Insect and disease control methods used should also be sourced from within the farm to the extent possible….

…Water conservation and biodynamic feed for livestock are other key features of this approach to farming.

Benefits of biodynamic farming

There are obvious advantages such as healthy organic produce being made available and the prevention of soil and waterways pollution. In addition, it is found that these farming practices are able to withstand environmental challenges more effectively while improving energy efficiency….

For more information, visit http://www.gouri.info/news-and-info/biodynamic-farming.


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