5 Ways to Make Your Fridge More Energy Efficient

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How much energy does your fridge use? Probably more than you think! Here are some tips for helping your fridge run more efficiently this summer.

99% of American households have a refrigerator – but many people don’t realize just how much energy this important appliance uses. And obviously it’s not something you can turn off or unplug – even while you’re on vacation!

Your refrigerator uses energy every day, all day long, which is why it’s especially important to choose one that is energy efficient. Not only can this help you save some dough, but it can also help reduce carbon emissions into the environment.

Luckily, energy efficient and eco-friendly refrigerators are widely available and affordable today.

But besides just choosing an eco-friendly model, what else can you do to help your refrigerator run more efficiently?  Here are 5 tips:

1. Go for an energy saving model

First of all, do make sure you have an energy efficient fridge! Refrigerators are among the highest consumers of energy at home ranking along with water heaters and air conditioners. So, it really pays to go for an Energy Star-rated model; it can save you somewhere between 10 to 50 percent energy compared to traditional counterparts….

2. Don’t overstuff your fridge

If you might have noticed, more and more households are going for refrigerators with higher storage capacity, which obviously translates to higher energy consumption. But did you know that you can actually reduce the size of your fridge if you use it only for stuff that you really need to? For example, potatoes, onions, squash, and tomatoes are best kept outside at room temperature rather than inside the refrigerator. Likewise, many other vegetables can stay fresh for 3-7 days without the need for refrigeration….

3. Keep it in the right place

Though you may not see it, a refrigerator works really hard to keep your food items cool and fresh. It produces a lot of heat in the process. So, you should place your refrigerator in a well ventilated area; a cool one, if possible. Never keep it in direct sunlight or near hot appliances like oven, chimney, etc.

4. Ensure proper maintenance

Proper maintenance will…save more energy. So, be sure to regularly clean and defrost your machine. See to it that the door seals are tight and don’t leak air…. And don’t forget to pre-cool the food before placing it in the fridge.

5. Repair rather than replace


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