[Infographic] How to Be A More Eco-Friendly Driver

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Try these 9 simple tips to improve your gas mileage and become a more eco-friendly driver!

Almost 30% of all greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere in the United States come from transportation-related sources. Airplanes, buses, and over-the-road trucking all contribute to this number, but commuter cars also are large contributors.

There are a number of ways to reduce your transportation emissions, from driving less, to purchasing a smaller, more fuel-efficient, or hybrid/electric vehicle. You could also use public transportation, walk, or bike instead of taking the car on short trips. However, even if you have a regular car and a long commute, there are plenty of ways to lower your impact and drive more efficiently.

This handy infographic shares 9 simple tips for becoming a more eco-friendly driver – and as a bonus, you’ll save on fuel costs, too!

How to be a more eco-friendly driver

Source: TheZebra.com


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