[Video] 4 Simple Tips for Winterizing Your Home

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For those who live in the Northern half of the U.S., winter is usually the time of highest energy usage. Following a few simple tips for winterizing your home can help make sure you stay comfortable this winter – both physically and financially!

Just like spring is a great time for cleaning, fall is the ideal time for making simple improvements around your home, to improve your energy efficiency and decrease your energy bills.

If you have a gas or oil furnace (like we did last winter), costs can be unpredictable, and can spike during the colder months – right when you need the most fuel. This is why it’s imperative to make sure your home is weather-tight and prepared for the cold weather, so that you’re not wasting energy unnecessarily.

This short video shares a few helpful tips for winterizing your home, and making sure you don’t spend more than you have to on heating bills this winter.

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