[Video] How to Install An Energy Efficient Storm Door

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Cooler weather is here, and it’s time to get the house all snug for winter! This short video will show you how to hang a storm door in record time, even if you’re not all that handy.

Keeping out drafts is imperative for staying warm this winter, while keeping your heating bills under control. One of the most common places for cold air to enter a home is around an old door which is not properly sealed. Drafty windows and doors can put a huge strain on your furnace, leading to wasted fuel and higher electric and gas bills.

Check out this short video where general contractor Tom Silva shows how to hang a new energy efficient door to keep your house snug and warm this winter.

Here are the tools and other items you will need:

Shopping List for Installing a Storm Door:
– storm door and frame
– door closers
– safety chain

Tools for Installing a Storm Door:
– sliding T-bevel square, used to copy angle of doorsill
– hacksaw
– drill/driver

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