7 Old-Fashioned Gifts for Homesteaders (Or Wanna-Be’s)

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Shopping for an off-gridder or wanna-be homesteader? Here are a few practical and useful old-fashioned gifts that will never go out of style…

These days it seems like everyone wants the latest electronic gadget, but if you’re shopping for a homesteader (or someone who wants to be one), sometimes a practical gift that won’t go out of style by next year is just what they may be hoping for under the tree this year.

For example, the gift ideas below can be used and cherished for years to come. Your grandparents or great-grandparents likely used some of these, and they’re still just as handy today as they were back then! There are useful gift ideas here for any budget:

1.) Lodge Cast Iron Campfire Dutch Oven

Cast iron cookware is a must for homesteading and off-grid living. It literally lasts for generations when properly cared for, and you can cook virtually anything over a campfire in this versatile dutch oven design. (Smaller models and different styles are available at lower price ranges.)

Buy it: $70 for 8-quart model, Amazon.com

2.) Vintage-Style Rotary Egg Beater

Electric mixers are clunky to store and can be annoying to lug onto the counter when all you need to do is froth up a couple of egg whites. Do it the way Grandma used to—with a bit of muscle power—with a rotary egg beater. If you’re lucky you may be able to find a vintage one at a flea market—or just go for a brand new dishwasher-safe model, like this one.

Buy it: $14, Amazon.com

3.) Foley Food Mill

This was a must when we first got married! It’s just like the one my parents had when we were growing up… It’s great for apple sauce, tomato sauce, mashed potatoes, soups, and more. This will be a welcome gift for anyone who loves preserving foods or scratch cooking.

Buy it: $25, Amazon.com

4.) Hoss Wheel Hoe

For the hardcore off-gridder who eschews gas-powered garden equipment, this beautiful Amish-crafted garden cultivator makes a wonderful multi-purpose garden tool. It works with a variety of attachments including a plow, hoe, and seeder, and will help keep the garden weed-free with no gasoline or noisy motor required.

Buy it: $200, Amazon.com

5.) Straw Garden Hat

Can you even garden without a straw hat? I’ve never tried, so I can’t say! A wide-brimmed straw hat is a must for anyone who spends a lot of time working outdoors. This classic design features an adjustable chin strap to hold your hat in place no matter what you’re working on around the homestead.

Buy it: $18, Amazon.com

6.) Weston Fruit and Wine Press

Whether you grow your own fruit, or simply like to take full advantage of you-pick farms or farmer’s markets in the fall, this fruit press is ideal for the DIYer or homesteader who has been dreaming of making authentic homemade cider, wine, and juice the old-fashioned way. Make sweet, fresh juice and fresh-pressed cider, or try your hand at a naturally fermented harder beverage! (You can build a press for somewhat less, but for those who don’t want to build their own, this is a pretty decent price.)

Buy it: $250, Amazon.com

7.) Old-Fashioned Bushel Basket

Your great-grandparents used them, and bushel baskets are still the best way to store and transport your garden haul. They allow air flow and help prevent spoilage of root veggies and winter squash during storage, and they also are easy to carry freshly harvested crops – plus they look cool!  🙂

Buy it: $14, Amazon.com


Find more old-fashioned gift ideas at RodalesOrganicLife.com


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