[Video] Weird Laws That Could Make You A Homesteading Outlaw

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If you’re a homesteader (or want to be one), you just might be a homesteading outlaw! This interesting video shares a number of strange laws in various states that regulate homesteading practices you may be using just to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Did you know that many common homesteading practices may actually be illegal in most urban and suburban areas? In fact, even growing a garden can get you in trouble in some cases!

Selling raw milk is illegal in many states, and some states require you to be hooked up to municipal water and sewer lines, or face fines. Owning livestock – even chickens – is also illegal in some areas, and in some places, you can’t even build a chicken coop or a simple shed on your own property without a permit.

Even setting up a rain barrel to save rain water may be illegal in some cases. If you’re looking to be a homesteader, watch out for these laws, or you may become a homesteading outlaw!

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