A Greener Clean: Eco-Friendly Spring Cleaning Tips

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You’ll have a cleaner, greener home with these eco-friendly spring cleaning tips!

It’s time to tackle that spring cleaning you’ve been putting off! Cleaning green is an excellent way to honor your eco-friendly choices in other areas of your life. Many individuals think that going green is something new; however, if you speak to many older folks, you will find that eco-friendly cleaning methods have been around for quite some time – even if they weren’t recognized as such back then. In fact, many of our grandmothers often used natural substances like lemon juice for laundry stains and baking soda to clean out the refrigerator.

Below are a few eco-friendly spring cleaning ideas to keep your home clean without producing excess waste or adding chemicals to the environment.

Paper Products

It really is not necessary to go through a case of paper towels every month for the sake of cleaning your home. Saving paper by avoiding disposable paper towels is a top-notch way to save trees. When you save trees, you save the environment!

Here are a few greener options to consider:

* You can use old newspaper and a vinegar and water solution for sparkling clean windows.
* Use washcloths or cloth kitchen towels for wiping down countertops and tables instead of disposable sponges. These can be thrown in with your laundry and re-used again and again.
* Use old clothing cut into squares for polishing furniture and throw them occasionally into the washing machine.
* Use cloth baby diapers for cleaning your car and throw them into the washing machine along with your other rags.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has long been used for cleaning in a variety of ways around the house.

* Lemon juice can remove tough stains such as cosmetics from your bathroom countertop. (Of course, spot test a small area first and when in doubt, speak to the manufacturer before applying.)
* Instead of using bleach, try a half cup of lemon juice in the rinse cycle of your washing machine for brighter whites.
* Water, vinegar, and lemon juice will tackle the inside of your refrigerator and leave it smelling, well – lemony fresh.
* A little squeeze of lemon mixed with your dish detergent will help when you scrub pots and pans.

Baking Soda

Baking soda has many uses around the home, including some that you may never have tried.

* Put some baking soda on a damp sponge with a little kosher salt, rub, and watch your bathroom sparkle.
* Baking soda is an excellent cleanser for your refrigerator mixed with water and some lemon juice. The lemon juice gives your refrigerator a nice, clean scent, and baking soda removes odors.
* Baking soda added into the rinse cycle of your wash will create a soft, clean feel to your clothing.

Common items that you already have in your home, such as baking soda, lemon juice, and vinegar, go a long way and cost mere pennies compared to commercial (and chemical-filled) cleaning products.

You can also learn how to make your own laundry detergent and all-natural cleaning sprays. All-natural essential oils such as lavender or tea tree oil are excellent additives to homemade laundry detergent or homemade furniture polish.

By learning to use these safe, natural substances and following the eco-friendly spring cleaning tips above, you’ll be creating a clean and safe space for your family, and doing your part to help keep the environment healthy as well!


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