Beat the Heat with Mint Water: A Refreshing Recipe for Hot Summer Days

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Stay cool on the homestead this summer with this simple & refreshing mint water recipe!

It’s hot out there! Beat the heat this summer with this super-simple and refreshing mint water recipe. If you grow your own mint, this cooling beverage will cost you virtually nothing (especially if you skip the sweetener), and you can make a whole batch in 5 minutes or less. Keep a jar of this in the fridge to sip on when you come in from outdoor chores, or while taking a break in the shade in the heat of the day.

Mint is best when picked fresh as it contains the most aromatic oils. The good news is, mint is super easy to grow at home – in fact, you’ll probably want to grow it in a container as it loves to spread. However, if you have an area of the yard that needs some coverage and won’t interfere with other plantings, you can simply let your mint grow wild and harvest or cut it as needed to keep it under control.

Drinking fresh mint water is a naturally healthy way to help you stay cool during hot weather – it’s cooling and refreshing, aids digestion, and contains no caffeine or other added chemicals. It’s the perfect replacement for unhealthy sodas, and it’s a great way to make water less “boring” if you find it hard to drink enough plain water.

How to Make Refreshing Mint Water at Home:


  • 3 to 4 mint leaves per serving (for a whole quart jar, I usually use 2-3 large sprigs, as I like mine fairly minty)
  • ice cubes (optional)
  • water
  • 4 to 6 drops Stevia extract per serving (optional if you like some sweetness) – or, if you grow your own Stevia plants, you can add a crushed leaf or two as desired


  1. Rinse the mint leaves and roll them between your fingers – or clap them between your hands – to crush the leaves and release the mint oil.
  2. Place in a clean Mason jar, add ice if desired, add Stevia extract or Stevia leaves (if using), and fill jar with cold water.
  3. Sip right away, or refrigerate to enjoy as desired. Use within a day or two, then make a new batch.
Recipe Source: MelissaKNorris.com


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