Get “Off Grid” For Good With This Eco-Friendly Capsule Home

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Tiny Eco-Pod Home Supports 2 People Off-Grid for One Year

This new innovation in sustainable, off-grid housing allows two people to live “off the grid” for up to one year. It was designed to work as an emergency residence or research station, so it can be used in any climate and area of the world.

It even collects rainwater to provide running water to the kitchen, toilet, and shower for all the modern conveniences of a regular home!

Check out this super-cool tiny pod home below:

Small, sleek, and shaped like an egg – the Ecocapsule is the latest in tiny home living from Bratislava-based architectural studio, Nice Architects.

Powered by a retractable wind turbine and solar panels, the Ecocapsule allows for two people to enjoy complete off-the-grid living for up to a year.

Set to begin shipping in 2016, Nice Architects envision the use of the Ecocapsule as modern camping suites, research stations or even as emergency residences. Currently, it’s not clear how much this pod will set you back, but prices are due to be released later this year.

Image Credit: Nice Architects

Although the Ecocapsule currently can only be transported when attached to a trailer, the company plans to roll out a wheeled campervan version for easier portability in late 2015.

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Image Credit: Nice Architects

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