What It’s Like to Live An Off-Grid Cabin Lifestyle

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This inspiring video tells the story of a young family who has left behind the stresses of modern day city life, and embraced the simplicity of off-grid living!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to move off-the-grid and live a more self-sufficient lifestyle, without all the trappings of modern life? Could you do it? Would you be happy? How would you make it happen?

This couple wondered about all of these things, and they decided to make their off-grid dreams a reality a few years ago. Before then, Tom and Sarah were your typical middle-class young couple – working full-time jobs, in a conventional 3-bedroom house in the city. But they decided they wanted their new baby to be raised in a different lifestyle, so they made a radical change, and moved into a tiny home, just 20-square meters in size.

The home is located on someone else’s land. They pay “rent” by helping the landowners with chores around the farm, and they work their traditional jobs only on a very part-time basis.

The rest of the time, they spend outside working in the garden, milking the cow, tending to fruit trees, and enjoying the world God created, while watching their little daughter grow.

Tom and Sarah are perfect examples of “what can be done when one makes a conscious decision to change the way they live and seek a more sustainable, holistic, and natural way of living… They explore how we don’t need a lot of stuff to live fulfilled, happy, and meaningful lives,” according to this interview with Collective-Evolution.com.

Watch the video below to learn more about Tom and Sarah’s inspiring story of off-grid living!

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