In Case of Disaster, Could You Do This?

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If a disaster hit tomorrow, what would you do? Here’s how to plan for the unexpected.

The climate is changing, and humans are beginning to pay the price. As weather patterns change, and storms worsen, it is wise to consider what you would do in the case of a disaster.

Families throughout the world in recent years have struggled to survive during unexpected disasters including hurricanes, snowstorms, typhoons, and more. Here in the U.S., we depend to an almost frightening degree on our access to electricity – something that can easily be disrupted by a natural disaster.

So, the question is, could you live off the land for a week (or more) in case of a disaster?

Here are 4 tips for preparing to sustain yourself off-the-grid if a catastrophe arises:

1.) Practice and Get in Shape


Prepare yourself by getting in shape. Run a couple of miles a day and lift some weights. You’ll have a very difficult time chopping wood and constructing shelters if you don’t have adequate arm and core strength.

Get used to nature and dealing with severe situations. Try your hand at some extreme sports like white-water rafting or snowshoeing to get a feel for what it’s like to survive in the wild. You’ll be amazed at how much you learn from this experience, even in a controlled environment.

2.) Obtain Land

Find areas where you’ll be allowed to live off the land. If you have the financial means, you might purchase some property where you can hone your survival efforts. If not, look for places owned by the government that are free for use…


3.) Learn Basic Survival Skills

Living off the land is a lot different than living in a cozy home with electricity. You’ll need some basic survival skills to both survive the week and live more responsibly. Some of the basic survival skills you’ll need include:

  • Constructing a shelter without damaging the environment…
  • Building a fire using the resources found naturally in the environment…
  • Identify safe and eco-friendly foods…

4.) Learn to Grow Food

…Doing some research on proper soil cultivation techniques, sustainable gardening initiatives and efficient methods of organic farming will equip you with the knowledge necessary to grow your own food.

But don’t forget that growing food takes weeks… It’s best to plan for more-sustainable living and disaster preparedness by keeping a fresh garden growing all year long.

Read more at Earth911.com


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