[Infographic] Diagram of a Self-Sufficient Off-Grid Home

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Here’s what a self-sufficient off-grid home looks like…

Living “off-the-grid” technically means living without access to government-provided electricity, but it has come to mean a lot more than that today. Today, living “off-grid” signifies a lifestyle of independence from the corporate grind. It typically refers to being able to support oneself – including producing most of one’s own food, electricity, and other needs “without depending on the society, government or public for any means of survival,” according to this article from Survival-Mastery.com.

The infographic below provides an example of a self-sufficient off-grid home, with its own supply of water, electricity, and more.

Keep in mind that this type of lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and it will require lots of advance planning and hard work, but if you are ready to live a life of purpose and fulfillment, while leaving the “rat-race” behind, designing such an off-grid home may be a worthy long-term goal.

Diagram of a self-sufficient off-grid home

Read more about self-sufficient off-grid living at SurvivalMastery.com.


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