United Airlines Tests Fuel Made From Farm Waste

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A leader in the skies when it comes to using alternative fuels, United Airlines will begin flights this fall powered by bio-fuels derived from farm waste, in an effort to curb emissions and lessen reliance on fossil fuels.

Always one of our favorites, we now have a new reason to like United Airlines! As the short article below describes, United Airlines has been a pioneer among airlines in utilizing alternative fuels.

With their latest endeavor, the airline will begin powering some passenger flights this fall with a unique bio-fuel mixture derived partially from agricultural wastes, including animal manure as well as plant waste.

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United has been something of a pioneer in the field, having also conducted flights powered by algae-based biofuel a few years back. But agricultural waste biofuel is a rather new field….

Agriculture produces a phenomenal amount of leftovers, no matter how it’s done….

According Co.Exist, those wastes—mixed with non-edible oils like those from the pongamia tree and regular jet fuel—will be used starting this fall to power some passenger flights from Los Angeles to San Francisco. And that’s only the first step: United plans to ramp up its purchasing of biofuels from other sources as well, including Fulcrum Bioenergy, a company in which United is an investor that turns household garbage into biofuel that cuts emissions by up to 80 percent.


Read the full article at ModernFarmer.com.


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