[Infographic] The Future Is Electric

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Are we heading for an all-electric future? Here’s a quick look at some of the costs and benefits of electrifying your home – and some tips for getting started…

These days, as concern for our environment rises along with the planetary temperature and sea levels, more and more people are looking for lower-impact solutions for our daily energy needs. While coal, natural gas, and oil remain major sources of energy, the use of electric power for home energy needs is steadily increasing.

While electric power has its own issues (after all, it can be either quite “dirty”, or very eco-friendly depending on how it is generated), in general, there are numerous ways to generate electricity to power our cars, homes, buildings, and more, and some of them can be quite clean. For example, wind and solar are a much more eco-friendly way to generate electricity than coal-fired plants.

Much of your home energy usage probably goes towards things like heating your home and water, drying clothes, and cooking. Fortunately, cleanly-generated electric power can be used to provide energy for all of these things. For example, you could switch to a geothermal heat pump rather than a gas furnace, or use an induction cooktop rather than a gas stove. You could even consider installing solar panels on your home to generate your own electricity.

According to this article, one out of four homes in the U.S. already run completely on electric power. This interesting infographic shares some ideas on what the future of home energy may look like, and some tips for moving into the electric future:

The electric home of the future


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