[Infographic] 14 Alternative Energy Sources to Consider

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Planning for a more sustainable future means developing alternative energy sources to power our planetary needs in a renewable way. Here are 14 promising solutions.

As our planetary energy needs continue to increase, so does the urgency to find a renewable source of energy to serve these needs, rather than relying on increasingly limited supplies of fossil fuels. It’s no surprise that over the past decade, we have seen a rapid increase in both the popularity of and the availability of alternative energy sources. In fact, some estimates show that at the end of 2018, global renewable energy capacity had reached approximately one-third of global power capacity. But our demand for energy also increased at the same time, underscoring the importance of stepping up our game in increasing the availability of clean and renewable energy to keep pace with growing demand.

The good news is, our global renewable energy resources continue to increase, and capacity is projected to grow by 50 percent by 2024.

The infographic from GreenMatch below lists 14 alternative energy sources that can help us drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions as we continue to take steps to fight climate change and build a healthier, more sustainable future for us all.

Alternative energy sources for renewable energy


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