[Video] Race to Zero: The Future of Energy Efficient Homes

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This awesome initiative helps inspire collegiate students to become the next generation of forward-thinking building professionals, while proving the viability of zero energy home design.

In the Race to Zero, an annual competition sponsored the U.S. Department of Energy, students compete to design “Zero Energy Ready Homes.”

What is a Zero Energy Ready Home? It is a home that is so energy efficient that most or all of its annual energy consumption can be supplied by renewable power – making the home’s carbon footprint essentially zero.

This exciting initiative demonstrates that zero energy homes really are achievable and cost effective to design. These students really are “the future of energy-efficient home design” – but they are also more than that. They are the hope for a more sustainable future.

Check out this video to see why this competition is so exciting and important for sustainable living!

For more information on Race to Zero, visit http://energy.gov/eere/buildings/us-department-energy-race-zero-student-design-competition.


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