Young Couple Builds Amazing Off-Grid Cabin For Under $300

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Check out the story of these amazing young homesteaders, who built their own off-grid cabin for less than three hundred dollars!

If you’re interested in living more sustainably, you may have looked into off-grid living. While it may not be for everyone, living off the grid is definitely a great way to reduce your carbon footprint! Off-grid living means being almost fully self-sustaining, including producing your own electricity, as well as usually growing most of your own food.

It also means learning to be very resourceful, as you will see in the story below. This young couple not only took their lifestyle off the grid, but they even build their own snug little off-grid cabin – for about as much as most families spend on their cell phone bills in a month!

Here is their awesome story:

Just three months ago, we left our home in the city and started our journey to build an off grid homestead in the Pacific Northwest. With winter on the horizon, we knew that having a shelter for the winter was a top priority. Initially, we thought we’d spend a few months living in our RV while we built a timber frame barn. Long story short, many distractions and other projects kept that barn from coming to fruition. Here’s what we did instead!

Reclaimed Building Materials

Just 6 weeks into our homestead, we found a house and barn that was about to be demolished. Initially, it was just the roofing which was advertised as being up for grabs. We bought the roofing and went to work getting it apart. Seeing our hustle, the contractor gave us the go ahead to take anything we could grab before the deadline when the house would be bulldozed. We took this opportunity to gather an entire trailer full of free materials. How these materials would be used wasn’t obvious, but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity!

Winter Was Knocking

After we had the house apart and managed to drag both ourselves and the materials back to our homestead, we finally got the dreaded snow forecast. It was a week away. We needed to do something quick and with this pile of materials we made a decision to frame up and enclose our portable RV garage to keep us warm and above freezing. Looking at the pile of materials, we had more than enough to build a small cabin. Just then, Jesse’s sister arrived and her enthusiasm helped us muster the strength to take the cedar poles, cedar decking and large posts we had just reclaimed and put together a cabin. Click here to watch a fun video of us building the off grid cabin, plus see more photos of the inside!


Read the rest of their story, plus see pictures of their cabin, at MotherEarthNews.com.


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