How to Build a Solar Grill

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Grill up some shrimp using just the heat of the sun with this adjustable solar grill! Check out the video here to see how it was built…

Whether you’re an off-gridder, a homesteader who cares about the environment, or just a do-it-yourselfer looking for a unique project to try, this solar grill makes an impressive piece for your deck or patio. The video below shows a brief summary of how to build this awesome adjustable grill, and then demonstrates cooking up some tasty shrimp with the heat of the sun!

The versatile and efficient solar grill features an adjustable platform, as well as an adjustable lens to help control the angle of the sunlight and thus the temperature of your grill surface.

This grill was built using a repurposed T-stand, a TV, a pipe union, and a few other simple items. You will also need some welding knowledge and a few tools.

Watch the video here to see how he did it:


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