[Infographic] Your Guide to Off-Grid Living

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This handy graphic shares a basic overview of what an off-grid lifestyle looks like…

Many people are drawn to the idea of a self-sufficient lifestyle, and the ultimate in self-sufficiency is going completely “off-grid,” where you aren’t even dependent on the modern electrical grid, and you find your own ways to generate power, collect water, and grow your own food.

However, there are also less extreme ways to be more self-sufficient and reduce your dependence on fossil fuels if that is your goal. Some people choose to just go partially off-grid, using only some of the modern amenities such as a sewage system or water lines, but only using grid-generated electricity when your own generation methods fall short.

Whether you choose to go without modern comforts entirely, rely partially on the grid for some conveniences, or try to go fully independent with your own power generation, water, and sanitation methods, you will need to consider at least 3 basic components of off-grid living: Harvesting or collecting water, harnessing electricity, and growing your own food.

The graphic below provides a brief overview of what you will need to start living a more self-sufficient lifestyle off the grid:

A visual guide to off-grid living

Source: SimplySS.com


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