[Podcast] 5 Tips for Homesteading with Children

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Homesteading with children can be an enriching experience for everyone involved. This podcast episode explores some tips for success…

Raising kids on a homestead can be incredibly fun and rewarding! However, it’s not without its challenges. In this podcast episode from Pioneering Today, homesteader Rebekah Rhodes discusses the joys and lessons of homesteading with children.

Rebekah has 5 children aged 14 to 9 months of age. Her older boys are old enough to be of great help around the homestead, while the younger kids are still “in training.” But no matter what stage your children are at, there are plenty of learning adventures to be had!

Younger kids may not be able to help with heavier homesteading tasks, but they may be able to help a bit in the garden, even if it’s just weeding the garden pathways or helping to bring in the harvest. Older children may be able to tend to the animals, assist with food preservation tasks, and get the spring plantings in the ground.

Giving your kids the autonomy to learn what activities they find most interesting and enjoyable can help keep everyone happy and engaged. And it will also help them learn to appreciate the simple things in life, as well as teach them healthy lifestyle lessons while they’re young.

For example, children who aren’t so fond of vegetables may just change their minds when they have the chance to harvest and eat veggies that they grew themselves. Give your kids a small garden bed or space to plant what they want, and let them pick out a new crop variety to try each year. You’ll likely be amazed at how enthusiastic they become about eating their vegetables when they can pick them right from the vine!

Likewise, if you have a little one who is afraid of bugs, bringing them along with you as you work the soil, handle earthworms, and watch butterflies feed on flowers is a great way to help them learn that the wonders of the natural world don’t have to be so scary after all!

Having realistic expectations, being flexible, and getting the kids involved in the process are all essential aspects of homesteading with children.

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