[Video] How Residential Geothermal Energy Systems Work

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Looking for a way to reduce your energy bills, and live more sustainably? Heat and cool your home with geothermal energy.

Geothermal can be a great way to provide efficient heating and cooling for your home, and reduce your carbon footprint. While a geothermal system will still require some electricity to run, it will greatly reduce your fossil fuel usage over most conventional heating and cooling methods.

While it can be an expensive investment up front, these systems typically last 30+ years with relatively little ongoing maintenance, and can reduce your energy bills substantially.

We are currently researching geothermal systems for our home, and will keep you updated on our project as it progresses!

Check out this short video to see how geothermal energy can provide residential heating and cooling for your home:

Do you use geothermal for your home? Share your experience below!


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