What’s In Your Tap Water? Here’s How to Find Out…

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Think your tap water is safe to drink? You may be shocked to learn how many chemicals are lurking in your drinking water… Watch the short video below, and take action to ensure your family is safe!

Most people living in the U.S. take clean drinking water for granted. After all, our government has rules and restrictions in place to make sure the water we drink is safe, right? Unless you live somewhere with widely publicized water quality issues, such as Flint, Michigan, you probably assume there’s nothing harmful to your health in your tap water. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily the case…

Since 2010, the Environmental Working Group has collected 30 million water samples from nearly 50,000 public water utilities that serve 280,000,000 people throughout the U.S.. And the results aren’t pretty…

250 different chemicals were detected in total, including lead at levels unsafe for children, fertilizer residues, and hexavalent chromium – the chemical brought into the public eye by Erin Brockovich. 81% of the samples tested contained chemicals linked to cancer. Though some of these chemicals were present at legally allowed levels, this doesn’t mean they can’t cause long-term health effects. And more than 160 of the chemicals found aren’t currently regulated by the government at all!

Watch the video below to learn more, and then check out the info below the video for some solutions to make sure your water is safe to drink:

As the video mentions, the good news is, there are things you can to to protect yourself – most importantly, using a good water filter in your home to filter the water you drink and consume. You may even want to install a whole-house or shower filter, as some chemicals can also be absorbed through your skin.

First, check the EWG database to find out what chemicals are present in your local water facility. Then, choose a filter type that removes those contaminants. Here is a comprehensive guide to water filters: https://www.ewg.org/tapwater/water-filter-guide.php

Until stricter regulations remove these toxins from our water supply, it’s up to you to protect your family and make sure you are taking steps to make your water healthy and safe to drink.


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