7 Wild Survival Foods To Help You Stay Alive

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Could you survive during an emergency? Here are 7 wild survival foods that you should be familiar with – just in case…

Let’s say things go haywire in a major way (which, let’s face it, in today’s globally connected world isn’t all that impossible)…

Could you still survive if there was no food in the grocery stores (or if you were unable to get there)? Would you be able to forage for food without accidentally poisoning yourself? Do you know what is safe to eat in the wild and what isn’t?

Those who grow their own food and who know how to forage for wild survival foods are the ones who will have the best shot at staying alive if the unthinkable happens. Not that it will – but wouldn’t you rather be ready, just in case?

This is also good knowledge to have if you are ever stranded off-the-grid or lost in the woods.

Here are 7 wild survival foods both plant and animal-based that you should familiarize yourself with – because being prepared is never a bad thing!  (There are hundreds more, but these 7 will get you off to a good start.)

1.) Lamb’s Quarters—Edible raw or cooked. Highly nutritious. Not nearly as tasty without butter, salt, and pepper.

2.) Dock Seeds—These have a nice, nutty flavor when roasted, and they’re easy to harvest in abundance. The only downside is that they take a bit of effort to process.

3.) Purslane—This common garden weed is delicious raw. It’s also high in omega-3 fatty acids.

4.) Wood Sorrel—Often mistaken for clover, wood sorrel is a tasty trail nibble. Its flavor is much like sheep sorrel.

5.) Crab apples—”Crab apple” refers to the size of the apple; not a particular variety. All apples are edible, though not all are desirable. Roasting helps to bring out the sweetness in this often-bitter fruit.

6.) Eggs—Keep an eye out for bird’s nests, especially in the spring and early summer. Eggs are highly nutritious, though more tasty if you have a way to cook them.

7.) Wasp Larva—These may involve a little risk to gather, but they can be eaten raw without fear of parasites, and bugs are a great source of protein. They look nasty, but they have a buttery taste with a hint of sweetness.

Find pictures + more survival foods at TheGrowNetwork.com


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